About Us

Woodbridge Wealth is committed to helping high-net-worth individuals, families and financial advisors achieve peace of mind in today's uncertain financial environment. The management team at Woodbridge Wealth has more than three decades of success and has closed more than $1.5 billion in financial transactions for our clients.

We have helped countless clients achieve strong returns with lower-risk financial products that are not burdened by long-term commitments. Woodbridge Wealth's financial tools and services are collateralized by commercial real estate mortgages. Our partners earn meaningful, measurable returns for their portfolios by leveraging our tools into tangible assets. Learn more about why you should choose Woodbridge Wealth.

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Our team of professionals works alongside our clients to provide the financial guidance and support they need.

In today's market, every portfolio can benefit from the strength and stability of Woodbridge's tools and services. We don't just grow portfolios, we help create and maintain wealth. Please meet our team here, and our Managing Director, Dayne Roseman, here.

What are Our Core Beliefs?

  • Confidence
  • In today's uncertain financial markets, we know clients are looking for safer opportunities to grow their hard-earned money. That's why we provide alternatives, so clients can be confident in good markets and bad. Our tools and services mitigate risk through low market correlation, and provide regular returns without long-term lockups.

  • Commitment
  • Alternatives have a place in every portfolio - including our own. That's why we lend our own capital in the same proven opportunities we provide our clients. It's why we've delivered monthly interest payments to our clients on time, every time. We're in this together.

  • Control
  • Gone are the days where clients have to be locked into long terms to earn significant returns. Alternatives are the future. With flexible terms as short as one year and fixed returns, our clients are always in control of their capital. Alternatives are the key to any portfolio that effectively balances risk and reward.

    What Tools and Services Do We Provide?

    The Commercial Bridge Loan Fund (CBLF) is a flexible lending opportunity for accredited investors for one to five years. Clients earn meaningful returns of up to 7% annually over five years. To learn more about the benefits of a commercial bridge loan, read our description here.

    Second Market Annuities (SMA) are an alternative annuity income stream with fixed returns of 4% to 7%. These fixed annuities fund a variety of obligations backed by A-rated insurance companies, including lotteries, personal injury settlements and investments. SMAs can deliver dependable secondary income for individuals now and well into the future.