We Put Your Hard-Earned Capital To Work In Safer, Higher Yield And Shorter Term Opportunities

Woodbridge Wealth offers portfolio-ready products for discerning clients seeking performance and stability.

Woodbridge can offer these opportunities by focusing on niche markets that other companies avoid because they are too small. And while these markets may be smaller, they offer abundant opportunities for our clients who are looking for attractive growth products.

We keep our clients’ capital safer and more diversified by focusing on opportunities backed by tested, proven collateral and or obligors. This approach is evident in the low loan to value ratios and, for structured settlements, the payment streams are backed by highly rated insurance companies.

Why Woodbridge Wealth Will Work For You
  • Confidence. Woodbridge has put capital to work with returns that have been consistent with our forecasts.
  • Commitment. We place our own capital in the same opportunities we offer. Woodbridge Wealth does not broker opportunities, but acts as a principal, putting our capital to work right alongside you.
  • Protection. The commercial real estate loans backing our loan-based products feature low loan to value ratios that help protect lenders when borrowers encounter distress.
  • Liquidity. Woodbridge Wealth opportunities are structured to provide immediate and regular cashflows.
  • Shorter term. We enable our clients and customers to earn higher risk adjusted returns without tying up capital for longer periods of time.
  • Experience. Our teams go to work to grow your capital, and ours.
  • Reputation. Our clients keep coming back to us because time and experience have proven results.