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8 February 2016

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We’re happy to report that as of today, we’ve launched our new company, Woodbridge Wealth.

The reason for this change from "WSF Resources" to "Woodbridge Wealth" is that we wanted our name to better reflect our primary business objective – creating wealth for you, our valued client.

You see, when we thought more deeply about it, it became clear that structured settlements is just the first part of our business. It’s an important part, for sure, but the reason you’ve trusted us with your capital really is more about the end result - wealth creation. Moreover, that end result is what drives each and every Woodbridge Wealth team member to excel every single day.

So what else has changed at Woodbridge Wealth? We’re pleased to say, nothing has. Woodbridge Wealth will continue to provide financial opportunities in three categories: First Position Commercial Mortgages, Secondary Market Annuities/Lottery Payments, and for accredited investors, access to Bridge Loan Funds. Both new and existing customers will continue to enjoy up to 5% or more in returns with just a one-year commitment in any of our lower-risk products.

We have the same unwavering dedication to your wealth creation goals, the same passion to provide you with the industry’s best customer service, and the same drive to bring you innovative solutions that meet your specific needs.

We look forward to creating wealth together.

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