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First Quarter Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2017

04 13 2017

First Quarter Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2017

It’s been a tumultuous year, on both a national and a global scale. From the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States and his substantial trade and immigration policies to last year’s Brexit, we’ve experienced huge shifts that will surely have long-lasting impacts at home and abroad.

What may be less clear is how these play an impact on the commercial real estate investing field, and on real estate markets at large. Whether you’re personally interested in investing in commercial real estate, or you’re just curious about how the market reacts to national and international events, having a resource is the first step.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook

We’re proud to announce our First Quarter Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2017. Compiled from top-of-industry research, we’ve outlined some of the key areas within the commercial real estate market, and dive deep into where they stand in the first quarter of 2017 and beyond.

Outlooks At-a-Glance

Our report’s analysis is broken into five parts. The first, the Commercial Real Estate Outlook, dives into the commercial real estate industry at large, tackling the large macroeconomic developments and demographic shifts currently being experienced. It dives into research on real estate investment trusts and construction to provide a basic understanding of how these developments have affected the real estate industry.

Part 2, our Property Type Outlook, is a roundup of six major investment property types and current investor sentiment on each: Single-Family Homes, Apartments, Hotels, Retail, Industrial, and Office. Shifts in consumer preferences have come as major demographic groups, such as Millennials, begin to change their living habits.

We investigate the economy and interest rates in Part 3, as factors like the federal funds rate directly affect banking institutions and how they lend. What does March’s rate hike mean in the long term, and should market-conscious individuals expect any more hikes in 2017? We analyze these basics, as well as other key figures including GDP and Employment, in Q1.

Parts 4 and 5 are dedicated to industry reforms, from Congress to the S.E.C., and more. The 115th Congress is now in session, and if their quick (but unsuccessful) healthcare challenge is any indication, we can expect the GOP-majority legislative branch to take on other key political issues in 2017. Meanwhile, large regulatory agencies such as FINRA and the S.E.C. have seen large changes in leadership and continued their hard work helping protect investors.

2017: First Quarter and Onward

There’s plenty to keep track of in the commercial real estate investing industry, and quarterly accounting of the factors that impact the market is crucial to making educated financial decisions. It can be easy to forget that everything from the economy, to politics, to events across the globe make their due ripple (or splash) in the ocean of commercial real estate investing.

In a tumultuous global economy, information is your life jacket – of course, aside from a knowledgeable financial advisor. Our goal is to ensure you have access to powerful industry insights and the tools to let them work for you and decisions surrounding your wealth.

We hope you’ll take a look at, and enjoy, our First Quarter Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2017, downloadable at the link. Happy reading.

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