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IIABCal 30th Annual Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference | Woodbridge

04 11 2016

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This year's insurance conference is expected to be the largest gathering of insurance agents, who are IIABCal members, in the history of the event.

The participants of this Insurance Conference will have the opportunity to experience the magic of the Big Island of Hawaii through an Aloha reception, company sponsored activities throughout the day, soaking in the Hawaiian sun, golfing, scrumptious meals and poolside entertainment.

On the business side of the trip, Blue Ribbon Conference attendees will be able to listen to top level insurance industry speakers, attend panel discussions regarding important topics affecting the insurance industry, as well as receive continuing education credits. "The insurance business is a 'people business' and digital and virtual technologies will never replace that" (1), said Clark Payan, Chief Executive Officer of IIABCal. Blue Ribbon Conference Participants will have access top insurance company executives and insurance industry decision makers, and of course have ample time for networking and exploring business opportunities. Payan further commented, "IIABCal is a 'community of purpose', where sharing ideas, learning from each other, and carrying the flag together, is an investment in yourself' (1). The Big Island of Hawaii, is the backdrop from which IIABCal members, will be able to immerse themselves in this purpose.

IIABCal Blue Ribbon Conference Hawaii

Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference - What to expect on Day 1

The dynamic topics of the 2016 Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference will kick off with "Insurance Industry Innovations" by Ty Sagalow, the Chief Insurance Officer and founder of Lemonade Insurance Company. Mr. Sagalow is a highly sought after insurance consultant, speaker and author in the field of insurance. For more than 30 years Ty has served in senior capacities within the insurance industry, including 25 years of service with AIG as their Chief Underwriting Office and General Counsel. An area of the insurance industry Mr. Sagalow has been recently speaking about is cyberattack insurance. Mr. Sagalow was quotes in an LA Times article as saying, "Think of a massive cyberattack as an intelligence hurricane. If it hits a house that doesn't fall down it learns why the house didn't fall and it changes. It is a scary thing...scary things sell insurance"(2).

The other major topic on the opening day of the Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference is "Talent Recruitment Strategies" by Stacy Donavan Zapar, CEO & Founder of Tenfold Social Training. Stacy is an 18 year recruiting veteran for Fortune 500 tech companies. Stacy has been at the forefront of helping companies come up with creative approaches for reaching top job candidates. From Zapar's prospective, "the top recruiting challenge in today's market is engagements" (3). "The finding of the talent, is no longer the challenge, the challenge [for a company] is standing out. She has spoken on the topics of employer branding, relationship based recruiting, and pipelining talent through various engagement methods. "We are constantly looking for fun new ways to interact" (3), said Zapar. In an industry like insurance, growing business with the right talented recruits, is a cornerstone of success.

Blue Ribbon Conference - IIABCal - Mauna Loa Resort - Big Island Hawaii

Day 2 with IIABCal in Hawaii

The second day of the IIABCal Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference will feature a morning panel of speakers on the topic of, "Attracting and Retaining Women in the P&C World". The members of this panel will include: Betsey Brewer, Principal of Integro Insurance Brokers, A.J. Scott, a Producer at Timothy Cline Insurance Agency, Michele Comtois, Principal at Barney & Barney, and Liz Bishop, Senior Vice President at Heffernan Insurance Brokers.

The following session, "How to Escape the Confusing Purgatory of Information Privacy Laws", will be presented by the Founding Partner and Chairman of Michelman & Robinson LLP, Mr. Sanford Michelman, along with Mr. David Lee, Partner at Michelman & Robinson LLP. Sanford is a litigation partner in M&R's Commercial & Business Litigation and Regulatory & Administrative Departments. Mr. Michelman focuses his practice on the insurance, financial services, digital media, and advertising industries (4). David Lee is a partner and chair of M&R's Intellectual Property Litigation division. Mr. Lee has over 15 years of litigation experience handing trademark and copyright claims, as well as internet domain name disputes and trade secrets (5).

Day 2 presentations conclude with Steven Hart, Founder of Advantage Microsystems. His very important presentation will be on the topic of "Cyber Threats & Fixes". In the web based environment we live in, it has never been more important for businesses to be prepared for cyber threats. Cyber attacks can disrupt company operations and compromise the confidentiality of sensitive information. Advanced Microsystems is an IT Department for insurance agencies, financial services firms and any business reliant on technology. The philosophy of Steven Hart and AM is "your staff should be spending all of its time delivering your product and services not recovering from virus attacks and hard drive failures". Their singular goal is "make technology simple for small business" (6).

IIABCal Blue Ribbon Conference Dinner Event

Invest in Yourself - Insurance Industry - Blue Ribbon Conference Day 3

2016 is a marquee election year. The United States will be electing a new President. Also, 34 senate seats and all 435 House of Representatives seats are up for grab. Politically, there could be significant changes in store for the Insurance Industry. On day three, the morning speakers will be discussing "How Politics Will Impact Your Business in 2016". The panel will include Mr. John Norwood, IIABCal's Lobbyist and one of California's top legislative advocates. Mr. Norwood is also the principal of Norwood & Associates. John's career over the past 30 years has been spent utilizing his expertise in government relations and representing clients before the California Legislature and regulatory agencies (7). The other members of this panel will be Steve Young, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California and Clark Payan, Chief Executive Officer of IIABCal.

As IIABCal and the insurance industry collectively looks towards the future, David Berson, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for Nationwide Mutual, will present on "The Outlook for the Economy & Financial Markets". Mr. Berson's expertise is second-to-none in the field of economic forecasting and analysis. David has previously served as chief economist and strategist for The PMI Group as well as Vice President and Chief Economist for Fannie Mae. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the chief financial economist at Wharton Econometrics (8).

Last but certainly not least, the 2016 IIABCal Blue Ribbon Conference welcomes guest speaker and Olympian, Brandi Chastain. Brandi is a former member of the United States champion women's national soccer team. During the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Final held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, she scored the fifth kick in a penalty shootout, which gave the United States the win over China in the championship game (9).

Benefits beyond the Presentations

For insurance industry professionals, the presentations alone by top level insurance industry speakers, would be worth the price of attending the Blue Ribbon Conference in Hawaii. However, the opportunity to build quality relationships is what truly adds professional value for attendees and makes this insurance conference shine. In between presentations and outside of the conference hall, participants benefit through open conversations and knowledge sharing with their peers. IIABCal members create an environment that encourages participants to help one another. Discussions about what works for different insurance offices, mistakes made along the way, ways to improve business and client services, how to do things better, as well as generally bouncing ideas of one another - are some of the things that make this event special.

At IIABCal - Blue Ribbon Insurance Conference - It's about working independently but nurturing success as one community. Woodbridge Wealth is honored to be a sponsor of the 30th Annual Blue Ribbon Conference.

We look forward to see you all the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha!

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