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02 16 2016

Woodbridge Wealth offers financial products that will help diversify your portfolio with lower risk. Short term options. Contact our finance experts today.
In today's tight investing market, investors have to balance risk and reward. On one hand, the market is volatile, and you want to prevent loss. On the other, you want to get enough return to make it worth your commitment.

But what if there was a way to achieve both high return and acceptable risk? One where you get strong yield year after year, or even monthly? Secondary Market Annuities offer just this combination.

Let's Explore

Financial Products - Signing ContractStructured settlement annuitants have a stream of money guaranteed in the future, but often need cash in the short-term. Structured settlements are common in personal injury lawsuits, where funds from a settled lawsuit are paid to an injured plaintiff over time. While these plaintiffs have streams of money paid to them over time, many of these individuals need access to larger amounts of their settlement funds in order to pay for immediate expenses. In these situations, Woodbridge Wealth will purchase the rights to a portion (or all) of the plaintiff's payment stream in exchange for a lump sum payment, so that the plaintiff can pay for short-term needs.

High Reward

Woodbridge Wealth's Secondary Market Annuities have historically achieved 4% to 7% in returns, which are substantially higher than the returns offered by other fixed income products.

Since these products are pre-determined and uncorrelated with the market, they offer a great hedge, especially through turbulent periods like now.

Acceptable Risk

These fantastic returns don't come at the expense of unacceptable risk. Woodbridge Wealth's Secondary Market Annuities are paid by some of the nation's largest and most reputable insurance companies carrying an A or higher rating by A.M. Best Company, as well as state lottery commissions (in the case of lottery annuities), all of whom have an extremely low risk of default.

The Bottom Line

With Secondary Market Annuities, you can achieve attractive returns without incurring unacceptable levels of risk.

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