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Lesser Known Facts About The Masters

04 04 2016

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With the weather warming and flowers in bloom, it's time to hit the greens. Kicking off the golf season is one of the most iconic tournaments in sports: The Masters. As we're sure it'll be a topic at many a cocktail hour, here are a few facts to keep handy about one of America's most loved spring traditions.
  • The iconic green jacket began as a symbol of Augusta National Gold Club membership - the club wanted to make members more identifiable so that wait staff knew who to hand the check to. After Sam Snead won the tournament in 1949, he was given a jacket, beginning the tradition that continues today.
  • The hosting club's first two female members - Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore - were admitted in August 2012.
  • The course has never been officially rated, though unofficial ratings range from 76.2 to 78.1.
  • All eyes are on the course when Amen Corner comes around. Did you know that the term for the shots between the second on the 11th and the first two on the 13th came as a way to rouse excitement about the game, a la baseball's hot corner? Journalist Herbert Warren Wind used the phrase in 1958, and it stuck.
  • The wool in the green jackets is Australian - ironic, considering the country's poor showing on the course.
  • Tickets aren't expensive - only $250 for the whole tournament - but difficult to come by. To get a ticket, you must apply in a lottery that opens just a few weeks before the tournament.
  • While today the course is manicured by a team of experts, it was trimmed by cows until the 1940s. At the time, this was a common practice on golf courses.
  • Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most wins, having won the tournament six times. He also holds the title as oldest victor, winning at age 46. The youngest? That title goes to Tiger Woods.
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