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Top 11 Social Influencers in Real Estate Investing | Woodbridge

12 12 2016

Top Finance Social Influencers of 2016 | Woodbridge Wealth
It takes more than capital to be successful at real estate investing.

Any given deal has to be right for your needs. You'll have to compile and comprehend information about the often complex world of financial planning. And if it's one of your first real estate investments, you'll probably have to prepare yourself to not let emotions drive your decision-making. The good news is you don't have to go into it alone.

There are thousands of real estate finance experts offering advice ranging from general principles to specific case studies. But while it's great to have free advice, the noise can be pretty overwhelming.

To get the answers that are relevant to your situation, one of the best things you can do is engage with those who have the reach to connect you with the right people and resources (or at least get you pointed in the right direction). Below are some of 2016's key social influencers in the world of real estate investing.

Top 11 Real Estate Investing & Finance Social Influencers of 2016:

1. Jason Hartman (@JasonHartmanROI)
Host of the Creating Wealth show. Founder, CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network

An experienced commercial real estate broker, Hartman is a prominent voice for aspiring investors. Through his podcasts and his educational events, Hartman provides data and technology that prepare investors for managing investment properties to generate passive income.

2. Lauren Young (@LaurenYoung)
Money editor at Thomson Reuters

Young's expert financial coverage runs the gamut from entrepreneurship to unemployment, from issues facing Millennials (student debt, credit cards) to issues facing seniors (retirement, wealth management). Her social pages offer a reliable blend of some of today's best journalism on money matters and financial planning.

3. Wes Moss (@WesMoss365)
Host of Money Matters (investment and personal finance radio show), Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Investment Advisors

Few financial advisors tackle both the tactics and the psychology of investing like Wes Moss. His weekly radio show, like his blog, is a blend of best practices, financial news analysis, personal narrative, and guideposts for making sure your actions stay aligned with your structured goals.

4. Real Capital Analytics (@realcapital)
RCA prides itself on methodology. They rely on trusted, independent sources to go "behind" trends and get to a robust, detailed database. The self-proclaimed "authority on the deals, players, and trends driving commercial real estate investments," RCA offers among the widest ranges of financial solutions - for investors, brokers, lenders, and even appraisers.

5. J. Massey (@MrJMassey)
Real estate investor, publisher of podcast "Cash Flow Diary"

With a background in insurance and financial planning, Massey now teaches other (new and experienced) investors how to identify and close investment opportunities. As his podcast name suggests, the central message is about creating cash flow - by investing in real estate properties as assets, not liabilities.

6. Egypt Sherrod (@EgyptSaidSo)
Host of HGTV's Property Virgins & Flipping Virgins, CEO of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group

Sherrod's specialty is realty for individual homebuyers, but her prominent broadcast presence gives her serious leverage in not only tastemaking but real estate advising. She is featured on a variety of TV networks as an industry expert, and speaks at conferences across the country.

7. Chris Smith (@Chris_Smith)
Founder of Curaytor; host of "Water Cooler" weekly video series discussing real estate.

At Curaytor, Smith focuses on marketing to help businesses connect with people and better serve existing clients. The focus here is sales, and may appeal primarily to realtors, but many investors will find a use for the media-marketing mix of "Water Cooler."

8. Amy Chorew (@amychorew)
Vice President of Platform Development at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Chorew is an expert in real estate sales, marketing, and education. She regularly speaks to industry leaders about digital and social strategy, and directs the educational training platform at BHGRE. Her social pages blend in-depth industry analysis with accessible information for buyers.

9. Seth Williams (@retipsterseth)
Founder of REtipster.com

Branded as "Real World Guidance for Part-Time Real Estate Investors," REtipster is financial planning 101 for those looking to get their start in the real estate investing business. Williams delivers a wide array of tools, tutorials, and resources for generating secondary income and investing on the side.

10. Than Merrill (@ThanMerrill)
Founder of FortuneBuilders, author, cast of A&E's Flip this House

Merrill is a real estate investor with national scale. With a background that spans the Ivy League, the NFL, and the A&E network, he has powerful reach as both a real estate educator, public speaker, author, and television personality. Merrill also founded a real estate brokerage and real estate investment fund, Grand Coast Capital.

11. Dave Ramsey (@DaveRamsey)
Financial author and host of "The Dave Ramsey Show"

Ramsey's popular radio programs aren't specific to housing. But his financial gospel of shedding debt does tend to center around the most expensive asset on most people's budget - mortgages. His advice usually hews closely to tried-and-true themes ("don't over-leverage yourself"), but callers regularly seek out his skeptical feedback on real estate investment opportunities.

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