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Affluent Family Forum

09 JUN 2016

Investment Management Institute's - Affluent Family Forum
Event Name:

Affluent Family Forum

Event Location:

Hilton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut

Event Date:

09 JUN 2016

Presented By:

Investment Management Institute

Forum Leader: Russell K. Mason, President of Investment Management Institute

Woodbridge Wealth is a proud sponsor of the Investment Management Institute's - Affluent Family Forum taking place on June 9th, 2016 at the Hilton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.

For over 25 years, the Investment Management Institute (IMI) has been a leading research and education organization for the investment community. The Affluent Family Forum was created for a niche group of investors and family offices with a net worth of over $100 million in assets.

This educationally focused event is unique in its goal of enriching the attendees' knowledge about the various niche investment options available to them. What truly differentiates IMI's Affluent Family Forum is its commitment to creating an environment that encourages participants to share their prospective with one another.

This one-day forum will present a comprehensive review of the latest in financial industry news and reports that are relevant to high net worth individuals, along with a discussion on the global challenges facing investors in today's complex economic environment.

The Agenda for this year's Affluent Family Forum will discuss:
  • Family Investment Challenges    
  • Forum Leader: Russell K. Mason, President of the Investment Management Institute

  • Economy: What it Means to Families    
  • Forum Leader: Dorothy Weaver, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Collins Capital.

  • Commonly Overlooked Coverages by Affluent Families    
  • Forum Leader: Pattie Clement-Essertier, Senior Vice President-High Net Worth Private Client for HUB International Northeast

  • Building Assets with Affluent Families    
  • Forum Leader: Thomas Pacillo, President of RSM US LLP

  • First Position Commercial Mortgages    
  • Forum Leader: Donovan C. Knowles, Supervising Consultant for Woodbridge Wealth.

  • The Art of Family Philanthropy    
  • Forum Leader: Terry Torok, Founder of Live From Earth

  • The Essential New Asset Class You're Missing in Your Portfolio    
  • Forum Leader: Dennis R. Hammond, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SandPoint, LLC

  • Safely Navigating Market Volatility, Through Advanced Technology    
  • Forum Leader: Michael Young, Chief Operating Officer of Mediatrix Capital, Inc.

  • Options Opportunities for Families    
  • Forum Leader: Michael Egan, Chief Executive Officer of Gyroscope Capital Management Group

  • Family Legacy Opportunities: Direct and Co-Investing in Companies    
  • Forum Leader: Peter Sheptak, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

  • Art in a Family Portfolio    
  • Forum Leader: Warren S. Winegar, President of Winegar Fine Arts

  • Preserving Families on Film    
  • Forum Leader: Stephen McCarthy, Managing Director of KCG Capital Advisors

  • Overview and Wrap-Up

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