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IMCA 2016 - Private Wealth Advisor Conference

29 SEP 2016 - 30 SEP 2016

IMCA 2016 - Private Wealth Advisor Conference
Event Name:

IMCA 2016 - Private Wealth Advisor Conference

Event Location:

Chicago, IL

Event Date:

29 SEP 2016 - 30 SEP 2016

Presented By:

FA - IMCA International - Advanced Education for Investment & Wealthy Professionals

The Wealth Advisory industry's most influential minds will be at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL, from September 29th-30th, 2016 for IMCA's 2016 Private Wealth Advisory Conference. Woodbridge Wealth, a premier provider of next generation financial products, will be an exhibitor at this year's IMCA conference.

Having only a general level of education in this Wealth Advisory profession is not enough to satisfy the needs of high-net-worth clients. In today's ever-changing financial world financial professionals are relied upon by their clients to be deeply knowledgeable and up-to-date in the fields of investments and wealth management. For this reason, the 2016 IMCA conference will focus on providing its attendees with "New Ideas for Working with High-Net-Worth Clients". Beyond providing a comprehensive educational foundation that will keep attending advisors well apprised of industry events, IMCA will also provide wealth advisors with the technical knowledge, strategies, and wealth management tools that can be implemented immediately to develop and grow their business. The key note speakers for the 2016 IMCA Private Wealth Advisor Conference will include Gregory Valliere, chief political strategist at Horizon Investments; Ron Cordes, executive co-chairman of AssetMark; Jonathan Golub, chief market strategist at RBC Capital Markets, LLC; and Ed Slott, founder of Ed Slott and Company LLC.

General Session topics of the 2016 IMCA Private Wealth Advisor Conference will include:
  • Implications of the Upcoming Presidential Election for the Private Wealth Advisors
  • Five Critical Retirement Tax Planning Issues
  • Invest Like a Freak
  • Philanthropy by Example: How our Clients Have a Charitable Impact
  • The Generalist Advantage: Spotting Bubbles Before They Burst
  • Four Myths about Morality (ethics)
  • Trends in the Family Office and Wealth Management Industry
Attendees to this year's IMCA conference may also participate in a variety of workshops geared specifically to challenge each Wealth Advisor to become indispensable source of knowledge for their clients.

  • Strategies for Managing Sequence of Return Risk in Retirement
  • Creating a Culture of Growth in Your Wealth Management Practices
  • Raised Healthy, Wealth, and Wise Raising Productive and Motivated Children in the Age of Abundance
  • An Evolutionary Approach to Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
  • Implementing Lessons from the MIT AgeLab into Your Financial Planning Business
  • Navigating Employee Stock Option Alternatives: Helping Clients Chart their Course
  • Twilight Competency: Protecting the Not-Yet-Incompetent Client Who is Fading, Forgetful, or Foolish
  • Global Allocation a Post-Brexit World
  • Deep Dive Workshop: Taming the Beast: Advanced Estate Planning Strategies
  • Deep Dive Workshop: Uncovering the Hidden 1% for Continual High Performance: New Business Growth Strategies for High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Advisors

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