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Introduction to Public Finance

10 AUG 2017 - 11 AUG 2017

For professionals and individuals searching for a deeper understanding of public finance, we've outlined the basics about a course hosted by Moody's Analytics.
Event Name:

Introduction to Public Finance

Event Location:

New York, NY

Event Date:

10 AUG 2017 - 11 AUG 2017

Presented By:

Moody's Analytics

Held several times across the United States in various major metropolitan areas (including Charlotte, New York, and San Francisco in 2017), the Introduction to Public Finance course serves as a comprehensive primer for “understanding U.S. public finance, and tools for analyzing key public finance credits.” More about the event and its host organization below.

About Introduction to Public Finance

As just the first of a three-part series on public finance, the course is suited for a wide range of individuals, both the professionally and privately interested. In particular, Moody’s Analytics describes previous attendees as having a range of professions, including investment and commercial bankers, regulators, credit analysts, corporate treasurers, correspondent banking offers, buy-side and sell-side bond managers, and more.

These professionals will have two days to work closely with fundamental concepts within group discussions, case studies, and spreadsheets to understand topics relevant to municipalities, state governments, special authorities, essential-purpose revenue bonds, and higher education. According to the course agenda, attendees can expect to apply these topics in many ways: analyzing financial and debt statements of public finance credits; understanding the underpinnings of the U.S. public finance market; assess key public finance credit risks; recognize signs of distress for public finance credits; understand the credit rating methodology of Moody’s Investors Service in the public finance context.

About Moody’s Analytics

As the organizer of the event, Moody’s helps risk practitioners across industries confidently respond to an evolving marketplace. They’re most known for robust data, models, and analytical software, and other tools which are employed by risk professionals, financial advisors, and industry experts who are frequently cited by major news outlets across the world.


The course spans two full days from August 10-11 over nine total sessions. While the exact times of the sessions are reserved for registered attendees, a top-level view of the topics are available below:

August 10, 2017

Session 1

What is Public Finance?

This session seeks to define “Public Finance,” outline the key differences between Public Finance and Corporate Finance, and synthesize these ideas through a group exercise.

Session 2

What is Public Finance Credit Risk?

In this section, the A2 corporate rating is weighted against the A2 municipal rating to determine whether they hold equal risk. The distinctions will be drawn out and applied within a group exercise.

Session 3

Public Finance Securities Overview

This portion of the course reviews the main PF securities and applies this knowledge through a group exercise.

Session 4

Analyzing State and Local Government Credits

Government credits are analyzed with regards to finances, economics, and management. This session will end with an exercise.

Session 5

Detailed Financial Analysis of Government Credits

Balance sheets and income statements are reviewed in order to analyze government credits, followed by a group exercise.

August 11, 2017

Session 6

Revenue Bonds in Public Finance

Revenue bonds are contrasted with GO debt, after which the course will evaluate revenue bond credit strength and apply through group work.

Session 7

Introduction to Analyzing Revenue Bonds - Essential Service

This session provides a basic review of revenue bonds for essential services such as electric systems and water/sewer authorities.

Session 8

Introduction to Analyzing Revenue Bonds - Other Major Sectors

The topics within Session 7 are expanded upon to other major sectors, including higher education, housing, and healthcare.

Session 9

Debt in More Detail

The final session dives deeply into debt by covering the analysis of debt statements, as well as some examples of public finance defaults.

The full schedule and course outline can be found here.

Venue & Registration Information

For those financial professionals interested in learning more about this event and registering for the two-day seminar, please visit Moody’s Analytics event page or registration page.

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