Financial Products

There's no one better to be in charge of your future than you. In fact, we hear every day that our clients want more control of their financial destiny. That's why we provide ample information to facilitate informed investment decisions by our clients and lenders. It's why we provide flexible terms and fixed returns to meet our clients' different income objectives - whether it's for health care, family obligations, travel, leisure, or anything in between.

Learn more about each of our financial tools below.

Commercial Bridge Loan Fund (CBLF)

The Commercial Bridge Loan Fund is a flexible opportunity for accredited investors. Investment in the fund can deliver meaningful returns of up to 7% annually over five years.

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Second Market Annuities (SMA)

Second Market Annuities are a safe and savvy strategy for people who want to achieve a secondary income stream. Structured settlements are backed by A-rated insurance companies or better, which provide our clients with more peace of mind. SMAs can be purchased at a discount, and deliver 4% to 7% returns in shorter term maturities.

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