Earn 5% Annual Yields With Shorter Terms Secured By Commercial Real Estate

We understand that in today’s uncertain environment, you are looking for simpler, safer, more secured opportunities to achieve your financial objectives. That’s why Woodbridge is offering First Position Commercial Mortgages (FPCM) with 5% annual returns on one-year, short-term holding periods.

It’s about giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

First Position Commercial Mortgages are made possible by our team's more than three decades of combined experience in the commercial real estate business. Woodbridge is able to source property owners with substantial equity in their holdings who need a short-term, commercial real estate loan.

Woodbridge Wealth wants to help you diversify your portfolio by participating in the real estate revolution. What does that look like?

How It Works

How First Position Commercial Mortgages Work

Private Lender

You lend money to Woodbridge for 1-year, and receive 5% monthly interest payments.
Woodbridge Wealth

Woodbridge funds the real estate property loan, and receives payments from the owner.
Real Estate Property

The property owner makes payments to Woodbridge and you receive the first lien position as a security.

First Position Commercial Mortgages Deliver Meaningful, Measurable Results
  • Flexibility. One-year term to maturity so you have easier access to your capital.
  • Security. Loans are protected by commercial real estate and a recorded, first lien position so you have more control.
  • Simplicity. During the one-year term, clients receive interest only payments with the return of principal upon maturity.
  • Reliability. Clients receive interest payments the first of every month, so you always know when to expect your returns.