Earn Uncorrelated Returns of up to 5% In Shorter Term Maturities

Fixed annuity payment streams offer the opportunity for “yield alpha.” Because the periodic payments from annuities are unrated cashflows, they can be purchased at a discount. However, these same payment streams are backed by insurance companies rated A or better by A.M. Best Company.

Combined, these two features enable our clients to realize above average, risk adjusted returns of up to 5% annually.

Fixed annuities fund a variety of obligations including lotteries, personal injury settlements and investments. These secondary market annuities enable investors to capitalize on cashflows from a variety of diversified sources.

Structured Settlement Benefits
  • Higher Yields. Opportunities in structured settlements offer significantly higher yields than comparable fixed rate products.
  • Uncorrelated. Because structured settlement cashflows are long term insurance company obligations, they are generally considered to be uncorrelated to the economy at large.
  • Proven. Historically, defaults on annuity payments have been a fraction of the defaults typically associated with commercial loans.
  • Safer. Structured settlement cashflows are backed by insurance companies rated A or better. Even insurance companies that have merged, acquired or ceased operations are backed by runoff insurance which pays outstanding obligations such as payment streams.
  • Regulated. Insurance companies are subject to extensive regulation which includes federal oversight in addition to state-by-state insurance commissions.
  • Steady. Buyers of structured settlement payment streams receive regular, monthly payments following their initial investment.